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The Refreshments / One Night With The Refreshments – Live In Concert

Live show recorded at Nalen in Stockholm with special guest Albert Lee. 21 songs. Including the YouTube hit "JB Boogie" with more than 10 million views. Available on DVD with 5.1 surround sound.
Don Pearce : Johan Blohm you are the Best!!!!
badgreeb beatle fan : just an excellent band everything is spot on, deffo would pay to see this band live
Linda Oldham : This band is the best. I love all of these musicians. They are so cool.
ben palmer : Johan blohm is top class
P. B. : Rock 'n' roll is usually boring, these guys make it LIVE again, and for good! Special mention: Johan Blohm, here in his best performance of his homonymous boogie, an absolute reference.
Linda Oldham : This band is great. I can't get enough of them. I listen to them everyday.
Meet Billy : There’s always a Swedish better than you
Jon Sveilis : BLASTERS 2.0
charles johnson : I grew up on the music of the 50s and 60s. This was real music by great musians that could play their instutments. The garbage to day makes me throw up..This 75 year old young man can still rock!
The Veteran : I don't understand why there are so few people in the audience?

The Refreshments - Let It Rock

The Refreshments with a special guest : Albert lee! many rocking guitar and Piano solos!

Refreshments on Spotify:

Refreshments on iTunes
theone Andonly : Anyone that doesn't like this gets covid for Xmas x
Mark Baldry : Back when music was music, and, god forbid, instruments were played...
Linda Oldham : Best piano player in the world..Johan JB Blohm.
Linda Oldham : Great song.
kq91rn : If this doesn't get you going, face it...…'re dead!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Oldham : Good job on this song.
Marley Butler : Salubrious
Steve Weatherford Weatherford : I love “ real “ music !!!!
charles johnson : You do not hear music like this today.. the garbage they call music to day is mostly done on the computor
Danne : Sweden roxxx

The Refreshments Jukebox - Refreshing Hits & Classics

A mix of The Refreshments hits and classic songs live in concert.
Bill Poidevin : Do u want to talk.
DonniDeVille : Okay... there are some fantastic boogie players out there.. Usually from Austria, Germany etc., Garaint Watkins from the UK (who I met and almost had in my band when I lived in London), who has played with the Refreshments.... but, The style of playing Johan B has, is exceptionally good with boogie..... (the jazz type boogie players are not so good either). Johan B, is THE boogie player and it doesn't get any better than this! My father played more like Jerry Lee, but I have to say, Johan is the KING OF BOOGIE players!
Marie Ilesjö : Älskar denna spelning! Diggar också den ögonblickslånga förvirringen där 1:15... Ni är så underbart genuina och fantastiskt bra.
Jorge Alberto Melillo : Excelente. No tira nada. Fabulosos
charles johnson : Not many groups like this to-day. Back in the 50's, 60's groups like the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, the Monkeys. We have to keep this music alive !
114Pilot : What is the title of the song that begins at 44:36?
The Veteran : They need to change their name to "The Rockers" if they want to play larger places AND start acting like rockers instead of morticians! This is a GREAT band other than that!
DonniDeVille : LOVE the song at 1:04:52 a bit like Road Runner but so much more in it! TERRIFIC SOUND!!!

And toward the end; 1:14:43 Is you Is? Looks like a load of fun! Joakim was having such a good time, bless him!
DonniDeVille : I listen to every video of this band I can find and yet they still do songs I've never heard! And I am a rock n roll fanatic!!! Who else notices how damn good that drummer is???

I mean it's hard to pick out anyone as they are ALL superb, but I LOVE watching their drummer and his funny little affectations! i JUST LOVE THAT DRUMMER!! Mats Fosberg is his name. But I love all of them! I can't ever turn their video off! I have to say something about them all when I comment! Don't want to leave anyone out!

Joakim the lead singer/bassman is wonderful and loves what he does so much he makes us love it too! The Guitar player, Robin Ollson, is incredible keeping up the boogie for so long without his fingers dropping off! And he does much more at times..... The piano man, Johan Biohm is probably the best for boogie style and such feeling... I just wish he would smile more.. As I said I LOVE the drummer and watch him most of the time! The saxman, Micke Finell, well, there is no-one else anywhere like him! Huge presence in the best manly way and my FAVOURITE saxman!
niki byram : this old rocker just loves this stuff---what's with the 19 dislikes? they must be rappers




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