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Arirang Prime-Manhaedang


Century-old Truth Unveiled at Jingwan Temple
The 1000 year old Jingwan Temple on Mt. Bukhan in Eungpyeong district, Seoul suddenly bustled about in May 2009. During renovation of the temple′s Chilseonggak Shrine, a mysterious bundle was found inside a wall between a Buddhist altar and a column.
The bundle revealed a great treasure: Dongnib Sinmun, Sindaehan Sinmun, Jayu Sinjongbo and Joseon Dongnib Sinmun, all of which are invaluable independence movement-related papers published during the Japanese colonial era. What drew the most attention was a Korean flag also found in the bundle. Believed to have been used during the Samil Independence Movement, the flag was made by painting the taegeuk design over a Japanese flag. Rarely do we ever find a flag actually used during the Samil Independence Movement. The flag found at Jingwan Temple is historically significant in this light as a poignant testament to the Samil movement.Despite brutal torture and persecution, Baek Cho-wol was a great monk of the time who refused to let go of his commitment to Korean independence Baek is believed to have been the owner of the flag discovered at the templeAt the young age of 17, he entered priesthood at Yeongwon Temple in Mt. Jiri. In his late 20s, he rose to the senior rank of overseeing the temple. While independence movement was flaring up nationwide, he was enraged that the Buddhist circle was not part of the movement. He came up to capital Seoul and wholly dedicated himself to the freedom campaign with Jingwan Temple as the base of operation. He gathered war funds from various temples and delivered them to the Korean provisional government in Shanghai. He also supported Buddhist youths involved in independence movement overseas. He was arrested by Japanese police and endured brutal torture. He was also under constant monitoring. During repeated arrests and releases, he even managed to form a secret organization called the Ilsim Association which he expanded nationwide as he led Buddhist independence endeavors.He believed that by uniting people′s hearts into one will, Joseon′s independence and even global peace could be achieved. He was a great monk who gave his life for the country and people and demonstrated a life of an acting Buddhist.Marking the 70th anniversary of Korean liberation, the Arirang Prime episode titled ″Century-old Truth, Buddhist Priest Baek Cho-wol″ seeks to highlight Korean Buddhism that rose up during the colonial period as a leading force in the independence movement. The program will also examine how the Ilsim ideology proclaimed by the great priest Baek in his resistance to the Japanese affects modern Koreans.

진관사에서 발견된 100년 전의 진실
2009년 5월 서울 은평구 북한산에 안긴 천년사찰 진관사가 갑자기 분주해졌다. 칠성각의 복원 수리 도중, 불단과 기둥 사이 벽에서 발견된 의문의 보따리. 보따리 속에서 나온 것은, 일제 식민지 시절 출간된 독립신문과 자유신종보, 신대한신문, 조선독립신문으로 사료적 가치를 파악하기 힘든 귀중한 것들이었다. 그 중 세간의 이목을 집중시켰던 태극기. 독립운동 당시 쓰인 것으로 추정되는 태극기는 일장기 위에 태극 문양을 덧칠한 것이었다. 3.1운동 현장에서 직접 사용된 태극기가 오늘날 남아 있는 것은 거의 없거나 많지

희망과 비전으로서의 문학 [2021년 만해축전 - 현대불교문인협회 주최 세미나]

#만해축전 #현대불교문인협회 #학술세미나

본 영상은 2021년 9월 11일 실시한 현대불교문인협회 주최 세미나입니다. BTN 불교TV에서 생중계 했으며, 코로나19 방역 수칙에 의거, 안전하게 진행했음을 알려드립니다.

현대불교문인협회가 9월 11일 19시, 강원도 인제 동국대 만해마을 문인의집에서 ‘희망과 비전으로서의 문학’을 주제로 학술세미나를 진행했습니다.

다음은 세부 내용입니다.

논문발표 대주제-희망과 비전으로서의 문학

퀴어소설에 묻는 관계의 본질┃심영의(전남대 교수, 소설가 겸 평론가)

환경의 변화와 팬데믹 시대의 문학┃전해수(상명대 교수, 문학평론가)
토론┃휘민(시인, 한국교통대 교수)

님의 침묵 - 군말의 평등주의 연구 - 불교문학의 미래 전망을 위하여┃김익균(동국대 교수)
토론┃박용진(시인, 문학평론가)

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