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태블릿PC? 노트북?, 전격 해부!! 삼성의 슬레이트PC!!

노트북 못지 않은 스펙을 지닌 태블릿PC, 슬레이트PC는 지금까지의 태블릿PC와는 달리 인텔 i5 CPU를 탑재해 태블릿PC를 한단계 업그레이드 했다고 알려졌다. 과연 정말 뛰어난 태블릿PC인지, 올댓리뷰에서 직접 살펴보자.
박광현 : 원도우10 사람들이 많이 찾는 것이 게임스트리트4파이게임 중요 뒤 바침는 슬라이드 없는 상황일데 pc 설치 왼쪽부터 받고 오른쪽 받고 될까요
Tiles TV : 노트북도 데스크탑 처럼 분리가 됐으면 좋겠다
Wnwn Wnwn : 9년전...
세보 : 박광현 스트리트 파이터4 요?
세보 : Tiles TV 분리형 태블릿은 존재하지만 (노트북보단 성능은 좀 아래)

서피스프로1-XQ700T1A 호환여부

How-To Open Your Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

This is a quick video on how-to open your Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T
D : There's a "W"-shaped plastic clip that falls out sometimes, especially if the stylus is out when you disassemble it. It is for the stylus to lock it in. You'll see two tiny posts that it clips on to. Be very careful of the thinner plastic areas around the inputs because it is very easy to crack there.
A P : Great guide John! I managed to upgrade our ativ with the Sammy 1TB msata SSD with your guide. Don't edit out the middle part. There might be parts that are tough to open and seeing the whole thing unedited gives me confidence that I'm not gonna break anything if I come across a particularly tough part to pry open.

And by the way a guitar pick works great. You can get picks in varying thickness. I used the 0.58mm pick in general and the 0.71mm pick on the harder parts.
John O'Bryan : I appreciate the suggestion Isaiah. I was one of the first to actually purchase the Samsung Book Case Cover for this device. :)

kgc1969 : Thanks for the very clear instructions John - I just replaced my completely full 128GB SSD with a new Samsung mSata 512GB version! :)
Jim Weller : Thanks John for your video. I used plastic loyalty store cards but the guitar pick would have been better. Be careful when pushing down to release the lugs as I broke the retainer for the stylus. Not a problem but could have been worse. Replaced the battery as the old one was totally dead. The battery connector lifts off the circuit board rather than plugging into the board. Just a different action when removing and plugging in.




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