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Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings Caught On Tape

Bigfoot is the thing of urban legends. Or is it? There have been several convincing bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings. Some were even caught on tape. Then again, there are plenty of fake videos out there too. It can be hard to know the difference, but one thing is certain. As long as the mystery remains unsolved, people will continue to search for bigfoot evidence. So grab your camera and let’s search together for some real-life bigfoot sightings.

Roger Patterson
Two cowboys from the 1960s heard about some tracks that could not be identified and went to follow the trail. While they were roaming the Bluff Creek area in California.

Marble Mountain
One youth camp got more than it bargained for. Located on Marble Mountain, youth camp leader Jim Mills saw an unidentifiable creature in the distance.

In 2012, two separate incidents left people wondering if Utah’s Provo Canyon was home to the sasquatch.

Rick Jacobs
The pictures of a possible bigfoot captured by Rick Jacobs are some of the most famous photographs of these creatures of all time. The pictures were captured from a camera placed in a tree in Pennsylvania.

The background doesn’t look anything like the Navajo Nation or Portugal.

Skunk Ape
Florida has its own version of the sasquatch. The skunk ape is said to be taller than an NBA player and weighs more than the weight of a large pig. The massive creature walks on two legs and reportedly prowls the Florida Everglades.

Ancient Germs
Some theorists believe this is what happened with bigfoot too. The theory suggests that colonists introduced diseases, and the bigfoot immune system could not handle the sicknesses.

Bigfoot Out On Delivery
One Australian delivery driver was driving his usual shift when a creature came in front of his truck. The creature he described as a bigfoot. The bigfoot reportedly became irritated and hit his truck.

Breeding Unlikely
If you’re one of the many people that set out to find evidence of bigfoot and came back with nothing, don’t worry too much. It may be an impossible task. Bigfoot may not even exist. How could it? Scientists have said that for the species to continue on, there would need to be several thousand for breeding purposes.

Bigfoot in Maine
A twelve-year-old boy from Turner, Maine, a walk in the woods suddenly became a terrifying, goosebump-rendering experience. While in the woods, the boy caught footage of what he believes to be a bigfoot. The creature in the video makes a howl-like sound similar to the sound others have associated with bigfoot. Something that looks to be humanoid moves around in the video. Plus, there’s even a massive footprint too big for even the largest of humans.

Coomba Falls
The photographer claims it was a Yowie, the Australian version of bigfoot. Due to its blurry nature, some believe it’s just a skewed picture of a shadow. Others even believe it is the picture of the spirit of a massacred aboriginal.

Creamery Bridge Closure
At a Vermont post office, one such flyer did exist. It got plenty of attention for its mention of bigfoot. Apparently, there had been rumors about the Creamery Bridge being closed due to one or several possible sasquatches.

Yeti Facts
reported sightings of bigfoot in every US state except Hawaii. Are these countless sightings truly of a giant, elusive creature? One man believed the yeti was actually just the Tibetan Bear, which brings up a good point. Maybe the yeti is really just an unidentified primate. For the longest time, the gorilla was thought to only be a rumor. There was no evidence; the primate had no name. The only thing they could go off of was sightings. It wasn’t until a Gorilla skull was found in the mid 1800s that the Gorilla was confirmed.

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A P : "No one would ever confuse a bigfoot with a bear"

Yet they confuse a bigfoot with a porcupine????
Barrie Davison : I find it amazing that in a time of high definition photography and hi-tech, state of the art recording devices, smartphones etc. , the only decent footage we have of Bigfoot, is from two cowboys in the 1960s.
TibiafingerVacation : Bigfoots must have some type of radiation in their bodies that causes all camera to go grainy.
GregorianGangsta : Damn, this is all stock footage.
Jay Jackson : If that thing can sneak up on a deer,what makes us think he can’t smell our deodorant and Altoids?

AMMO Porsche 964 Resto in 5 Min Teaser

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RD Radiators : That workshop needs there own YouTube channel such an interesting video so much skill.
Myles Bestianich : This is so amazing!! Im so happy you got this done Larry, you deserve it all. I hope to see it one day.

[Story Time with Amy♡]GORILLA by Anthony Browne

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