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Relaxing Hair Dryer Sound.. 2hrs ASMR (NO MIDDLE ADS!)

ASMR relaxing hair dryer sound.
the soothing sound of the hair dryer is a white noise that allows you to fall asleep and calms babies when they cry from colic or teeth.
No advertising during the video

Syrine Badri : Am19 and i can’t sleep without it
MICHALOS MC : Dlaczego tak dislajkują? Ja tam 90% ponad filmów likuje
Ikeabiscuits54 :
⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️



Attila Turan : 2021? Lol
Lauren R : my dad would blowdry my sister's and my hair after we took baths as kids and it was so relaxing

Refrigerated Type Compressed Air Dryer Process Animation To learn more about our wide range of air dryers, visit our web page
Kamrul Hasan : Md.kamrul
Ali Demir : Airfel mobile air conditioner only works on the fan after 15/20 minutes of operation. LE makes it flash on the screen.
Sheikh Osmanul Quadir : Good explanation
Letest videos tufani : Nice
Majed ALjaber : Thanks a lot!

Hair Dryer Sound 33 | 1 Hour Visual ASMR | Lullaby to Relax and Sleep

I’ve bought another old vintage Morphy Richards hair dryer from the seventies in order to record this hair dryer sound video.

That blow dryer is an old Model 4822, made in England in 1976. It’s still in working order, although it’s a little bit rattling in some situations, for example when you shake it from side to side. In spite of being more than 40 years old, it still produces an amazing sound. Often old hair dryers are like a fine wine: the older, the better.

I’m a hair dryer collector and hair dryer sound addicted. I’m glad to share my healthy addiction on Internet: I believe that white noise is a powerful resource to relax and sleep, and that hair dryer sound is the best white noise to achieve that goals. A true technological lullaby indeed.

This is a 1 hour long video, performed with slow movements in order to trigger a visual ASMR. As usual, it’s a binaural recording too, so use headphones in order to get a better experience.

If you want to watch other old vintage blow dryer sound video on this channel:

Enjoy! :)
tiemi : This sound makes me instantly sleepy, yass
it is Mimi : Deep sleep
Jake Giles : What microphone do you use ?
Blaze_R_YT : How could you stand for that long damn you must be from Russia never skipped leg day hehehe

And the sound of the hair dryer was just so good it gave me goosebumps

Love your videos
Brianna Terese : This to me is like vacuum mixed with air conditioner. Usually when I hear hair dryers being used, it’s my mom or aunt or cousin shaking them about wildly trying to get their whole head dry lol. This is a subtle back and forth that reminds me of the sounds of the cleaning crew that come in and start their duties when I stay late at work. It’s so relaxing.


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