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Seth Godin – Leadership vs. Management - What it means to make a difference

The world-renowned marketing and leadership author Seth Godin talks about the difference between leadership and management, the confusion surrounding them, and why the world needs more leaders.

Key Points:
• Management works well in terms of increasing economic efficiency and productivity. But, in the face of rapid change, the world needs leadership to get through this stage of unprecedented transformation.
• You should strive for excellence. Producing something truly great is the only way to build competitive advantage because sophisticated robots, artificial intelligence, and low-paid labor will handle the trivial job of assuring quality.
• You should focus on “soft skills” which are actually “real skills”. Those are the characteristics that differentiate a potential employee from a robot.
• Effective leadership can help companies navigate difficulties and failures, and eventually find successful processes to get forward.

Questions to consider:
• How can you become more of a leader than a manager?
• How can you and your organization strive for excellence instead of just quality?
• Are you focusing on real skills?
• How can you make better processes in order to fail more efficiently?

You can also find a written summary of the keynote at

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Henry Williams : Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Relax with Adam : I participated in Seth's leadership workshop at a facility called The Assemblage where he taught this material and it was so powerful everyone was fired up inspired for months. Highly recommend.
PRESCRIPTIVE LIVING: DIAGNOSE. PRESCRIBE. : Seth NEVER disappoints. A gifted leader that is so generous is pouring out his treasures.
Sheryl Estorco : The starting vedio caught up my attention, I realised that in order for us to win the game we need to think, and do our tactics and start to manage on how it's gonna work. Thank you so much Mr. Godin for sharing your amazing knowledge.
Samar Elatta : The best way I ever heard leadership vs. Management explained. Just shared it with my clients. Every leader should hear this!

What is management? Concept of Management, Levels of management (animated video)

This video is about "what is management", concepts of management, functions of management, level of manager or types of management that means top-level management, middle-level management, supervisors or low-level management.
Different managerial skills or skills that management should have like conceptual skills, theoretical skills, peoples management skills, etc.
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Sufiya .s : In this video I learned the meaning and levels of management. Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiency and effectively. Levels of management are top level mgmt, middle level mgmt and first line or lowest level mgmt. Top level mgmt responsible for controlling and overseeing the entire organisation, middle level mgmt responsible for executing organisation plans which comply with the company's policies. Low level mgmt responsible for assigning jobs, tasks to various workers, Guiding, instructing workers in day to day activities, overseeing both quantity and quality of production and maintaining good relations.
Aziz H : Very helpfull video and i guess every employee has to learn the basics of the managment or at least he might be having an idea about it .
Alfina Cahaya : Thanks for explained about manager , about function, about the principle and about the level of management, and skills
Rudi Oliver : Thx, found it to be very informative
SAI MOTIVATIONAL CHANNEL 9M : Time management is really personal management, life management. and management of yourself.

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alieghbali : I sleep to this guy every night. Love from Iran.
: This man is changing the way my brain works.
Cathy Childress : I am compelled to follow this man!!! I haven’t been this touched and inspired in a very long time!!! Thank you so much for your profound wisdom!!!!
Shahin J Sabeti : Aloha from Maui Hawaii, thank you Sadhguru, your words and teachings have helped me in a very short time, but feels like your by my side, helping me cope with my fears, anxieties, angers and sadness... I am more in control of my life. I encourage my friends and family by sharing your thoughts in these Videos to help others in need. Still I need more of your wisdom, more now than ever before, because listening to my Brain 100% is extremely difficult, I constantly lack thereof please don't stop teaching me. Mahalo.. Shahin James Sabeti
Bina Gupta : He is indeed a blessing to all who stumbled upon him. I love all his explanations. So scientific. Sadhguru u are the best pill for happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️




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